The World Ranking for Mountain Running is intended to be a clear and transparent comparison showing who are the top Mountain Running athletes in the World. It’s a free service for runners and and races are not charged to be included in the ranking.

It is a service that the WMRA are providing for runners, sponsors, race organisers, fans and everyone who loves Mountain Running like we do here at the WMRA! It is an easy way to compare performances and results and see the best Mountain runners and the best races!

The points weighting is very simple and rewards the mountain races of high quality with a category weighting. WMRA publishes the points and race classifications to give a clear and simple understanding about the ranking without complicated and hard to interpret formulas. See the Calculations page to understand the points system.

The current World Ranking is a rolling 365 day ranking of an athletes results over the past year. This makes it easy to see who are the best runners that have the best recent results. A best ranking within the past year is shown for every athlete as well as a best ever life time ranking.

An historical calendar rank for each athlete is also provided where it is possible to see an athletes highest ranking over a calendar year (1 January – 31 December).

A powerful search feature allows you to find any result of a ranking race, athlete, country or year.

The races currently used to form the World Ranking for Mountain Running can be found in the Race Directory.

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