Privacy Policy

UPDATED 6/12/2020

The WMRA respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.

Data that is collected from publicly available sources (Race partners and results service providers) shall be used for statistical purposes only in providing the ranking information. The following personal data will be gathered by WMRA: Full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, club, classification and time. When gathering date of birth information from any runner this will not be made public on the WMRA Mountain Running Ranking website.

Images or information published by the WMRA in order to compile an athlete profile page will be limited to:

  •  Their race results, full name, country, ranking statistics, profile photo, social media links.

An athlete can request some/all personal information be removed by contacting WMRA using the email address below but with the limitations and exclusions outlined in the following paragraphs.

Any user of this website warrants that any image and/or links to their social media sites/content submitted by them to the WMRA has been obtained with permission by the image provider/creator. The WMRA does not accept any liability for website links to third party or external websites or any liability for content that a user provides or is displayed by any third party.

The user warrants that information provided to the WMRA is true and correct and gives his/her permission to display publicly on this site. This information will remain limited in use by the WMRA to this website and shall not be reproduced by any third party without prior permission from the user and the WMRA.

Race results are retained for an indefinite period in order for an accurate historical record to be presented. If a runner requests their name or other details to no longer appear in the World Ranking for Mountain Running then a request should be sent to the email below however it is possible that race results both historically or in the future will duplicate this information and it is the responsibility of the runner to have these details excluded from each individual race in accordance with each and every individual race organisers regulations.

WMRA will make every effort to protect data contained in this site from misuse or abuse, piracy or accidental loss. WMRA will always take all reasonable precautions to ensure that data is handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Please note that the transmission of data via the internet is not completely secure and therefore WMRA cannot guarantee the security of data sent to them electronically. Any transmission of such data is therefore entirely at the users own risk.

If the user is from the European Union then it may be that the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 applies to how the WMRA handles any personal information and the rights and obligations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 will be applied.

This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time with or without notice, including in order to comply with new practices or regulations.

In order to enable the WMRA to provide you with a personalised browsing experience, this website uses ‘cookie’ information collection technology. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that are issued to your computer when the user enters a website. Cookies are stored by the users browser on their computer’s hard drive, and they can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as identifying their computer’s previous visits to a website, and to ascertain the most popular features of a website.

Enquiries about this policy and further information can be made by email to: [email protected]

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